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by Jeff Chooi - Thursday, 20 September 2018, 9:23 AM

The Management of the University would like to inform all students that with effect from the May 2018 semester, students who register for a semester must clear all fees relevant to that semester upon registration.  Exception would only be given to students who are under institutional sponsorship acceptable by the University, or are eligible for the PTPTN loan which will be disbursed during the semester. Any shortfall in payment after taking into account these amounts will need to be settled immediately.

Students who are unable to meet the above criteria could apply, subject to approval, for the University’s standard installment payment scheme, whereby 40% of the total fees (exclude Accommodation charges) must be made immediately with the balance to be settled in either 1 (for short semesters) or 2 (for long semesters) installments. Students who apply for these installment schemes should note that a flat 5% (for long semester) or 2 % (for short semester) administration / processing fee will be imposed on any balance unpaid. Students who do not adhere to the installment scheme may be barred from classes / examinations.

Kindly also note that, students who have outstanding / unpaid fees as at the end of the Add / Drop period will be barred from classes / examinations.

For students who are staying in University accommodation, full payment of rental needs to be made before commencement of the semester.

To allow prompt updating of records, any payment made through online or direct bank-in must be notified to the university immediately. For details, please refer to Fee Payment Channels section at

Please be guided accordingly.

October 2018 Semester Registration – Key Dates to Remember




01 - 02 Oct 2018

 Registration for NEW STUDENTS

03 - 05 Oct 2018


05 Oct 2018

 Last Day of Registration without Penalty


 ·  A Penalty of RM 200 will be imposed if registration is done during          the first week of Add / Drop.

 ·  A Penalty of RM 400 will be imposed if registration is done       
    during and after the second week of Add / Drop


08 Oct 2018

 Regular Classes begin

 First Day of Add / Drop

12 Oct 2018

 Last Day of Add / Drop