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Outward Bound for Diploma

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Outward Bound for Diploma
by Nursyahidah Nafisah Zaini - Wednesday, 2 August 2017, 12:40 PM

Dear Students,


Pleased to inform you that the registration for Outward Bound - 5D/4N Leadership & Character Development Training will begin on  07/8/17. This is a specially tailor made training course for our diploma students who will also be able to clear 2 co-cu credits.


The 5D/4N OB training  will begin on 23/9/17 until 28/9/17.


Today, at 3pm with the help of ex-bounders, we will be giving out registration forms to prospective candidates.We will be displaying camping equipment and giving info to interested students. The venue is at the ATM area and assisting me will be Mr Suresh, Mr Faizal and Ms Nithya. 


All diploma students are most welcome to enquire during this session.


Kinldy contact me at T303C for further details.

Vijay Raghavan

Outward Bound Coordinator