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Online Instructor Evaluation (7 - 17 September 2021)

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Online Instructor Evaluation (7 - 17 September 2021)
by Nursyahidah Nafisah Zaini - Monday, 6 September 2021, 2:47 PM



May 2021 Semester Students

Students are required to complete the instructor evaluation which will be active from 7 - 17 September in CMS.  Failure to complete the instructor evaluation you will not be able to print your exam docket.


You may complete the instructor evaluation by login to your student portal and follow the navigation below;


Main Menu > Instructor Evaluation > Evaluations > Student Evaluations > Online Faculty Evaluation


If you have completed the evaluation, your CMS screen will show 'No matching values were found.', kindly refer below image.

We will release the block by batch once per day for those students who have completed the evaluation. You also may send an email to requesting to release the block.

Students are advised to complete the course evaluation in advance and not wait till the last minute to complete the evaluation to avoid unnecessary issues.

Thank you.