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by Nursyahidah Nafisah Zaini - Tuesday, 1 October 2019, 3:36 PM



Dear existing Foundation & Diploma Bumiputera students,


Yayasan Pelajaran MARA (YPM) is looking to sponsor a group of students from the B40 income group, that are currently pursuing foundation or diploma programme at Nilai University. Please refer below for more information.


Who is YPM?

Yayasan Pelajaran Mara (YPM) is a body under the direct purview of MARA which focuses on the development of Bumiputera through education and training. 


Who can apply?

It's open to all existing Bumiputera students of Nilai University and fulfil the following criteria:

·         Bumiputera students the from B40 group (monthly household income not exceeding RM4,359.00)

·         Currently pursuing a foundation OR diploma programme at Nilai University

·         Students are currently not sponsored by any institution (except for education loans such as PTPTN and NU Scholarship)


What is covered by the Sponsorship Scheme?

·         Programme Tuition Fee (only cover the upcoming semesters)

·         Accommodation 

·         Monthly Stipend 


How to apply?

Students who wish to apply must submit the following documents to Marketing:

1.    Full student's particular in the format of a standard CV (1 page)

2.    Parents/guardians income info + prove of income (latest 3 months pay slip)

3.    Academic records (previous & current): SPM and transcript of all the past semesters. 


Submission due date?

12.00pm, 8th Oct 2019 (Tuesday)


Who is the contact person you can seek advice from?

Mr Azlan

Manager, Marketing 

Mobile: 0123540151